“I love your energy, woman! I just got back from my run and NO PAIN! I felt the areas, but no angry pain at all.  I haven’t had that since I started running. I am so stoked. I can’t quit smiling. Thanks for all you do.” Lorraine


“Emily is truly such a gift and has such a special way of holding space, of offering the most nourishing touch, and creating an experience that is healing on so many levels! I had been struggling with some really intense pain that originated under my shoulder blades but had wrapped all the way up around my neck and was even causing jaw tension and pain. Emily used the lightest touch and somehow like magic was able to release so much of the tightness! I honestly couldn't believe how much better I felt when I walked out of the session. So, so grateful for Emily and will definitely continue to work with her in the future!” Ashley


“I have suffered chronic back pain for years and have tried many therapists, but have never really found one that helped until I found Emily. Her deep tissue massage is the best! If you are looking for a professional massage look no further.” Daniel D.


"One of the best massages I've ever had. Emily seemed to instinctively know what to do for my body."


"Emily combines her expansive knowledge with sensitivity and intuition to provide the perfect massage. She truly cares about her clients, and conscientiously works to produce the best outcome for each individual. She possesses a calm and nurturing touch that seems to quickly work in harmony with the body, rather than against it. Emily is a treasure, and always leaves me feeling relaxed, renewed, and loved! I am so grateful to have found her!" Heidi Bradbury


"Emily has a very unique gift for massage: touch that is expert and intuitive, therapeutic and nurturing. She is not only one of my favorite therapists to see to receive massage, but she is also my go-to professional when I need to hire therapists to fill in for my own busy practice. She has both my highest recommendation and deepest gratitude." Taylor Morgan, Well Being Massage


"I walked into my massage with Emily full of anxiety and fragmented from the major transition I was experiencing, and walked out an hour later feeling literally transformed, fully grounded and connected to my body, a blissful transformation. Not only was the massage deeply delicious feeling with the smell of lavender and other earthy essential oils used, but Emily's depth of presence, touch, and safety held a powerful space for my blocked energy to flow and release. This massage transcended all massages I've had before and I already cannot wait to book another appointment with this talented gem." Andi


"Emily has a magical touch, it is relaxing and her personality makes me feel safe and very comfortable. I look forward each week to my sessions with her because after every massage my body feels worked and I feel lighter. I also really love her energy work and Reiki, the energy that surges through her is powerful and very healing." Courtney Maland, Deep Tissue Diva Co.


“What makes Emily an exceptional bodyworker? I attribute her skills to her studies and knowledge of physiology and energy-balance. She can target where tension is held, release the stress, and help promote healing and rejuvenation. After Emily has massaged my shoulders and neck, I have taken a deep breath and said, "Ah, I can breathe!" Emily is professional, discrete, trustworthy and kindhearted.” Eileen


 “Emily has a wonderful gift for healing. Her hot jade stone massage is absolutely fabulous! She is highly intuitive and combines this with her skillful techniques to ensure that you are restored and rejuvenated--body, mind and soul.” Sharmila Mali, Ojai Reiki & Energy Medicine


"Emily came into my life when I needed the comfort and deep experience of a great massage...and I got it. Emily's presence is more than that of a massage therapist-- she is a healer." Elizabeth 


"Emily's wonderful spiritual soul is evident in her work as a massage therapist. Her treatments are highly intuitive, and the intensity of her touch is perfect. Overall, a great asset to any body needing a wonderful massage." Jenny Cothran, Angelic Touch


“Emily Burger is the very best, in the top percentile of massage therapy. From consultation to execution, her work was flawless. Emily exudes kindness, openess, gentleness, and has such a huge spiritual presence, you and your body instantly feel like you have entered into a eutopia. You feel with every touch you are being healed, while your heart bursts open. I have never experienced a massage therapist so special, genuine, and highly talented. Emily puts all of her heart and soul into everything she does, because she genuinely cares about the well being of others. Emily's healing hands will leave you feeling completely at peace in mind, body, and soul.” Lesley


"It is with great pleasure and respect that I recommend to you Emily Burger who has a marvelous approach to her clients, and she delivers! Emily employs a holistic approach to each client and gives individualized attention to every detail. There is a collaboration that results in your well being and confidence that Emily will make every effort to work with you to reach your goals. I highly endorse her approach and feel confident that you will be more than pleased with her therapeutic massage and Reiki techniques." Alice 


"Emily gives a wonderful massage. I recommend her to friends, family, and patients alike, because I trust that everyone I refer her to will like her and her massage. She is professional, on-time, and a lovely person to have a massage from, and feedback from several people I have referred to her have called me to express gratitude for referring her." Deborah Murphy, Doctor of Chiropractic


"Emily is as kind as her touch is healing. Not only have I hired her for massages, I arranged for Emily to be the staff massage therapist for a retreat. All her customers left their appointments feeling relaxed, healthy and deeply cared for. I recommend Emily with great confidence." Gabrielle Kaufman


"Emily worked in our massage clinic and we always received great reviews of her work. The clients loved her massage and personality. I would recommend her to anyone who wanted a great massage." Nick Scott


"Emily is amazing! Her jade stone massage is out of this world. If you haven't had a massage by her you are missing out on a real treat. She is very intuitive and knows just where your body needs the most healing. She has worked in my spa for many years and it is common to hear our guests exclaim, 'that was the best massage I've ever had.'" Kelli Loughman, Body Essentials


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